Date: Mar 11, 2014
Changes to Leafy Greens Marketing Agreements being explored.

For the remainder of this month, until April 10, 2014, Western Growers staff will be gathering proposed changes related to 7 of the 15 issues included in the leafy greens guidance documents for California and Arizona.  Western Growers has sent out copies of draft documents to industry parties involved in the California or Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement so that they can peruse those documents and make suggestions.  The documents are also available on this website:   It is recommended that any interested parties proposing changes track those changes in the document and return it to the WG Science & Technology Department either by email to Sonia Salas at or by fax to: 949-809-6251.  

Previously, proposed changes were accepted twice a year in California and once a year in Arizona.  This year both programs are moving to an annual review. 

As a reminder, proposed changes should be 1) comprehensive and auditable by government auditors (if they impact the audit checklist), 2) accompanied by a statement on how proposed changes will advance or enhance food safety, and 3) clear and have a straightforward scientific basis or rationale including citations of relevant research if available.

Here is the list of the 7 Issues that will be addressed this year:

General Requirements (Issue 2)

Soil Amendments (Issue 6)

Nonsynthetic Crop Treatments (Issue 7)

Harvest Equipment (Issue 8)

Harvest Personnel – Direct Contact with Soil during Harvest (Issue 9)

Field Personnel – Transfer of Human Pathogens by Field Workers (Issue 10)

Equipment Facilitated Cross Contamination (Issue 11)

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact Sonia Salas, WG director of science & technology at 949-885-2251

WG Staff Contact

Sonia Salas
Senior Director, Science & Technology

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