By asking the right questions employers can gain a wealth of information about the job candidate and their qualifications for the position sought. Interviewing also allows an employer to compare potential candidates with one another so that it can choose the applicant that best fits its needs. Below are some tips and suggestions for conducting a successful interview.

Teresa McQueen

Western Growers is a leading voice on behalf of our industry in the climate/sustainability arena, and we need your feedback to help us inform policymakers and influence legislation and regulation.

Which sustainability practices are you currently undertaking? Which would you consider adopting? What proposals should WG focus on? Please let us know by filling out the WG Climate/Sustainability Survey. Your feedback on all these questions is extremely important.

Tracey Chow

Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT) has made it easier and more convenient for members to schedule appointments at Cedar Health and Wellness Center locations in Santa Maria, Salinas and Watsonville. You can reach the Cedar Health & Wellness Center Appointment line, powered by Everside Health, at 866-443-2202.

When calling to schedule your appointment, please include the following:

David Zanze


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