The Colorado Supreme Court recently (June 14, 2021) issued a landmark ruling that an employer must pay an employee’s earned but unused vacation pay upon separation from employment. The ruling goes even further to provide that any agreement or policy forfeiting unused vacation pay is void as a matter of law. Like many states Colorado law does not mandate that an employer provide vacation pay. However, like many other states, Colorado law is now clear that once an employer chooses to offer vacation pay benefits, they cannot be forfeited once earned.

No matter the employer’s hiring protocols—conducting interviews, contacting references, or initiating background checks—it is up to the designated hiring team to determine which applicant(s) will be selected for review and ultimately hired. The first step of this process is to initiate a review of the pool of applicants and delete those who clearly do not have the requisite skill or experience.

The following are some suggestions for making good hiring decisions:

Teresa McQueen

Many local minimum wages increases are set to take effect across California on July 1, 2021. To assure continued compliance with applicable wage and hour laws, employers must be complaint by the July 1st effective date. Here are a few tips to get you up-to-speed:


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