Many members of the House on both sides of the aisle have expressed the need to pass legislation fixing our broken immigration system. While the Senate took action by passing S. 744, the House has yet to pass a single bill to reform our immigration system. With 13 legislative days remaining until the House adjourns for its August recess, the urgency for action mounts as a key window for action closes.

Recap of immigration reform action by the U.S. House of Representatives for the day ending July 10, 2014:

Bills passed: 0


It has been ONE YEAR and 11 DAYS since the Senate passed S. 744 with no action by the full House.

As July 10, 2014, there are only 13 scheduled legislative days left to pass immigration reform before the House adjourns for its August recess.  

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Ken Barbic

The Agricultural Personnel Management Association (APMA), in conjunction with co-sponsoring organizations that includes Western Growers, recently began a series of courses for agricultural human resources professionals.  Graduates of the course will earn a prestigious Human Resources Professional in Agriculture (HRPA) designation.  

Western Growers Senior Vice President Karen Timmins helped kick-off the series in Oxnard in June by leading a class on Managing Employee Compensation.  Karen will also lead a second class on September 10.

Karen Timmins


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