Date: Jun 17, 2014
New FLC Regulations to Take Effect July 1, 2014

The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has published new farm labor contractor (FLC) regulations.  The regulations have numerous new provisions for FLC applications, including the following:

  • A requirement that the FLC identify past clients as well as “those growers the FLC plans to contract with in the near future.”
  •  A list of relatives who have previously applied for or held an FLC license, or who has had license denied or revoked.
  • The new and renewal license fee is $500, plus a filing fee of $10, and an examination fee of $100.
  • Renewal license applications must be submitted at least 60 days before the expiration of the current license.
  • A requirement that an FLC must erect a sign, subject to stringent format and placement requirements, at the worksite identifying the FLC, license number, and phone number of the field supervisor.
  • At least 15 minutes of safety training to be provided quarterly to all crew leaders and forepersons on worker safety issues, including heat illness prevention and pesticide use and exposure.

FLCs should review the new requirements and be prepared to comply when they take effect on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Authored by

Jason Resnick
Vice President & General Counsel

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