Date: Jun 24, 2014
Malkin vs. Navarrette: IMMIGRATION REFORM 2014 – WG Annual Meeting Las Vegas

Appearing at the Western Growers’ 89th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas this November will be Michelle Malkin and Rubin Navarrette, with an entertaining and informative, first-class examination of immigration reform. 

These evenly matched combatants are authors, syndicated columnists, professional speakers, and experts on immigration. In fact, each has written and debated this topic for more than 20 years. Approaching the issue with nuance and clarity, they've fought every step of the way -- with critics on both the Right and the Left.

The immigration debate is personal for these two. Michelle is the daughter of Filipino immigrants, and Ruben is the grandson of a Mexican immigrant. She opposes comprehensive immigration reform -- "amnesty" as she calls it, and he supports it. They have their reasons. They also have no trouble sharing them.  The major argument is over whether illegal immigrants should get a pathway to legal status or even U.S. citizenship. 

Michelle says no. She thinks a pathway to legal status or citizenship is "amnesty" and that forgiving bad behavior just encourages more of it, and that the 11 million will give way to another 10 million or 20 million over the next decade because people in other countries will see that, if you come illegally and stick around long enough, eventually, Uncle Sam will give you the golden ticket and let you stay.

Ruben says yes. He thinks  these people are never going home, and, if we continue to deport them, many of them will come back because they have families here and there are more jobs here than in their home countries. They came here illegally, yes, but with our encouragement; U.S. employers who have been shown to hire illegal immigrants are the accomplices to this crime by offering jobs which act as the real magnet for the desperate and the downtrodden. 

Malkin vs. Navarrette – together onstage, going head-to-head. This is the matchup you will not want to miss. Plan to attend the Political Action Committee Luncheon on Monday, November 3.

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