Date: Jul 17, 2014
Psyllid Treatment Strategy Meetings Being Held for Valley Citrus Growers

Following the lead of counterparts in Florida and Texas, a program outlining citrus psyllid treatment strategies has been developed for citrus growers in California’s Central Valley. According to The Grower, three meetings scheduled for next week will give producers the opportunity to learn more about combatting the dreaded Asian citrus psyllid and the deadly greening disease it carries. 

Developed with feedback from the University of California, California Citrus Mutual and the California Citrus Research Board, the program emphasizes the use of a coordinated, voluntary effort whereby growers treat citrus areas simultaneously.  With no neighboring, untreated fields to escape to, psyllids have nowhere to go.

To date, several California counties have reported trapping psyllids and have quarantines in place; however, unlike Florida where the greening disease has cost the industry $4.6 billion, the greening disease has yet to be found anywhere in California.

Program meetings will be held on July 22 and 24 at the Veterans' Memorial Building in Exeter. On Aug. 7, a meeting will be held at the Kearney Agricultural Center near Parlier. Register and get information on the programs, including dates, times and places of the meetings on the California Pest and Disease Prevention Program page.

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