Join us as we present our accredited Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training to learn what is acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. Learn what an employer's responsibility is when an employee reports an incident of harassment, abusive conduct and/or retaliation. Learn how to conduct an investigation and how to document incidents promptly and discretely.

Robert “Bobby” Bianco, co-owner of Anthony Vineyards and a longtime member of Western Growers, passed away unexpectedly over the weekend at age 78. Bianco, recognized as one of the Coachella Valley’s most esteemed grape growers, was a driving force in the community. He was a staunch supporter of various youth and religious organizations, and through Anthony Vineyards, he employed thousands of Valley residents over the past 50 years.

Chardae Heim

When a buyer is entitled to keep product but is unwilling to renegotiate the original sales price with you on a shipment that has “failed to meet contract specifications at contract destination," how do you determine what the adjusted price should be? What if there is no meeting of the minds on an equitable settlement or adjustment? If you are unable to agree on amending the original contract, the next step is calculating provable damages.

Bryan Nickerson


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