Date: Aug 12, 2014
2014 Professional Comp & HR Survey

It’s always easier to complete a job when you are using the right tools.  When making compensation and benefit decisions for your business, the right tool for the job is the Western Growers 2014 Compensation and HR Practices Survey.

Employee salaries and costs associated with employee benefit plans, cash and non-cash reward programs comprise a large percentage of an organization’s operating expenses.  Current, reliable market data provides business leaders with a point of reference to the competitive market to assist in reviewing an organization’s compensation philosophy and total rewards programs. 

Western Growers members who participated in the survey are ahead of the curve.  They already have received a FREE copy of the survey and participated in a webinar that explained the results and how to use them.  Those members now have the information needed to evaluate next year’s difficult compensation and benefits decisions.

Western Growers members who did not participate in the 2014 Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey can now purchase a copy of the study via our online store.    

The price for the combined survey results (Compensation and HR) is $1800.  The results can be purchased individually as well.  The individual Compensation Survey can be purchased for $1500 and the HR Survey can be purchased for $500.

If you have any questions about the 2014 survey or would like information as to how to participate next year and receive your FREE 2015 copy, please contact Karen Timmins, Western Growers senior vice president of human resources, at 949-885-2295.

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Karen Timmins
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

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