Date: Oct 14, 2014
"We Grow What We Sell" Legislation Will Affect Farmers’ Markets in 2015

Legislation signed recently by Governor Jerry Brown will provide the necessary funding to support enforcement of ensuring that produce sold at certified farmers’ markets is produced in California.  AB 1871 is considered by the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets as the most significant piece of legislation to affect farmers markets since the 70’s.   

Current law states that only produce vendors at certified farmers’ markets pay a .60-cent fee to sell in those specific areas.  However, as of the first of January 2015, anyone who sets up within the perimeter of a certified market will have to pay the vendor charge.  What’s more, the fee is increasing from .60 cents to $2.00 per vendor per day.  This additional funding is expected to raise $1.35 million annually, with over $1million of that amount being new money which will be used for enforcement by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

The increased enforcement will help reduce the amount of vendors who misrepresent themselves and their product as “California grown.”  The new laws will require vendors to place conspicuous signs that indicate the name and location of their farm and include the saying, “We grow what we sell” on them. 

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