Science fiction stories about the future generally go one of two ways: A dystopian hell where robots attack us (“The Terminator”) or a dystopian hell where robots attack us in space (“2001: A Space Odyssey.”)

But now it’s time to separate science fiction from fact. As the labor crisis continues in agriculture, with common-sense immigration reform at a standstill and an aging workforce threatening the future supply of skilled labor, technology will be one of the saviors of the industry.

Ann Donahue

Not too many people can say that the owner of their company made them a sandwich, but that’s exactly what happened to Marisol Moreno when she discovered her passion for agriculture. At the time, she was working for a table grapes company as a senior accountant and was told she’d need to cover for the owner’s secretary whenever she was out of the office.

Michelle Rivera

A perfect balance of health and well-being. Does it exist? To a small few, it does—but for a majority of people, finding that balance can prove extremely challenging. That’s when things can start taking a toll on employees’ mental and physical health, and the negative effects can spill into their work performance and eventually their employers’ bottom lines.

David Zanze


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