Injury and illness prevention programs, or written safety programs, are the cornerstone of an effective workplace safety program. For these programs to be successful tools in preventing workplace injuries, they should include the systematic identification, evaluation and prevention or control of workplace- and task-specific hazards. When implemented effectively, workplaces experience significant decreases in injuries, and they often report a transformed workplace safety culture that can lead to higher productivity, reduced turnover and reduced costs.

Nomination ballots to elect Western Growers’ Board of Directors to a two-year term (2023 and 2024) were emailed to all Regular Members on June 10 and again on June 20, 2022. Our secure online voting platform focuses on privacy, security, and verifiability — all of which are paramount to hosting an honest election. 

The nomination ballot is the first step in a two-part process. It lists prospective candidates from your district for inclusion on the official ballot. The official ballot will be emailed to you in late August to vote to fill the allotted board of director seats.

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