State and federal law require employers to meet workplace posting obligations. What must be posted depends on many factors including the number of employees, nature, and location of the employer’s business, annual dollar volume, whether the employer is a federal contractor, and in certain instances the employer’s industry. Posting requirements vary by statute which means not all employers will be subject to each posting requirement.

In California, fair chance or Ban-the-Box laws restrict an employer from asking about an applicant’s criminal background history in the early stages of the hiring process. And while there is no federal Ban-the-Box law that applies to private sector employers, California’s Fair Chance Act prohibits private sector employers with five or more employees from inquiring into or considering an applicant’s conviction history until after a conditional offer of employment has been made.

Teresa McQueen

On July 29, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) rescinded its final rule entitled “Joint Employment Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act;” known to most as the Joint Employer Rule. The recission takes effect September 28, 2021.

Teresa McQueen


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