A county-wide quarantine has been issued for all of Tulare County, following the detection of two Asian citrus psyllids in two different locations in city of Tulare.  The county is now the only one in the San Joaquin Valley with an all-inclusive quarantine.  Kern and Fresno Counties both have partial quarantines in place.  The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) issued a press release announcing the expanded quarantine area as “the most effective response to contain the pest

Ken Gilliland

Governor Brown made a sound decision in vetoing SB 25.  We are grateful that he saw the fundamental unfairness of this proposal.  When a state mediator imposes a union contract on an employer, as the Agricultural Labor Relations Act provides, the employer has very limited opportunity to obtain a stay of its provisions from the court pending an appeal.  This legislation would have raised the barrier so high that it would be practically impossible for any employer to ever obtain a stay.  This is fundamentally unfair.  By further removing the courts from the process, SB 25 sought to diminish the already limited accountability of the state mediator and the ALRB, and in so doing would have provided even more motivation to the union to run out the clock in good faith bargaining in order to get to Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation (MMC), more properly known as mandatory mediation and binding arbitration.

Wendy Fink-Weber


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