Most companies are very aware of their property and liability exposures. They buy insurance coverage to protect their buildings and equipment and secure liability coverage to pay for losses from automobile accidents, product defects and other types of third party incidents. What most companies fail to realize is that they may have pollution exposures as well from chemical or fuel use in its operations.

Jeff Janas

Failure to respond to emails from your customers who are attempting to change terms or modify the contract could be used as undisputed evidence to prove acceptance of the modified terms as outlined in your customer’s email. This need to respond timely applies from the initial negotiated terms of sale when the contract is consummated, to any final adjustment that may be granted to your customer. Always respond immediately to emails or notifications.

A Tennessee Court of Appeals’ ruling emphasizes employers can reduce their liability in sexual harassment lawsuits if they conduct a prompt and reasonable investigation into the allegations. In an opinion issued on July 30, 2015, the Court granted a summary judgment in favor of the defendant in a case where an employee brought suit against the company for sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. 

Jeff Janas


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