A recent study by global insurance giant Munich Re indicates that although the number of natural disasters has increased five-fold in the last 30 years, many people still do not buy insurance to protect themselves or their property from catastrophic events.  Although no one knows for certain the cause of the increase in natural disasters, the frequency and strength of cataclysmic disasters seemingly continue to increase from one year to the next.

Greg Nelson

The Center for Produce Safety (CPS) will hold its 5th Annual Produce Research Symposium in Newport Beach, California on June 24-25.  Attendees can expect to see representatives from every spectrum of the food safety chain, from industry to research scientists. The results from CPS funded projects will be presented – with a focus on irrigation water and disinfection methods to reduce the risk of produce contamination, addressing Salmonella and E. coli as potential contaminants.


Hank Giclas

The House of Representatives has been focused on passing legislation this month to address concerns over human trafficking. While much of this effort has little to do with the agriculture industry, one of the bills introduced in the House would pose significant concerns to agriculture producers if it were to move forward without necessary changes.

Ken Barbic


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