AgSafe, an agriculture-based safety organization, has developed a food safety training course for produce harvesting. This class will be helpful to everyone in the produce business especially those involved in harvesting specialty crops.  It will give supervisors, foremen, crew leads and field workers basic knowledge regarding sanitation and hygiene principles that are often noted in food safety audits. 

Greg Nelson

The effects of California’s continuing drought will soon be felt by more American consumers, according to an Arizona State University researcher. The increases are also likely to be significant enough to affect some consumer behavior.  The information released yesterday indicates categories of produce for which consumers are expected to pay higher prices due to the state’s extremely below average rainfall.

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What do you know about climate change and the U.S. agriculture? Share your thoughts and concerns on April 29. The presentation will explore impacts of predicted changes in temperature, precipitation, and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations on agricultural production, as well as potential impacts on agricultural water supplies in the coming decades.

Sonia Salas

Western Growers encourages you or a representative to attend public meetings being held beginning the week of May 5 that will help to assess existing agricultural nitrate control programs and develop recommendations to ensure that ongoing efforts are protective of groundwater supply quality. The outcome of this process will influence the way farming operations are regulated through the irrigated lands programs, specifically, how farming operations will have to track, report and manage nutrients.

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