Since routine inspections of farms subject to the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) began in 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Association of Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) have worked closely with state and industry partners to prepare regulators and farms for inspections through training, technical assistance, educational visits, and On-Farm Readiness Review (OFRR).

So far, routine inspections have been educational to assist farmers with becoming more familiar with the PSR requirements.

To date:

Michelle Rivera

Carl Casale, Senior Agricultural Partner at Ospraie Ag Science, joins the podcast to talk about his company's overarching goal in venture capital: to produce more high-quality food with less impact on the environment.

"By 2030, half the world's population is going to be middle class or wealthy and the other half of the population is going to have the same issue of needing more calories to meet their basic needs," he says. "But for half the population - they aren't going to need more calories, but they are going to care deeply about how those calories are produced."

Ann Donahue

With the holiday season in full swing and many companies looking forward to once again hosting their employees for in-person holiday parties, it’s a good time to begin managing the holiday cheer. Whether your company will be hosting a formal or casual holiday get together these tips and reminders should help keep partygoers and companies out of legal hot water!

Teresa McQueen


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