Insurance providers that offer workers’ compensation are taking a wide variety of actions in order to move towards profitability in this highly-regulated market.  Financial results improved last year for workers’ compensation providers, but they continue to lose money in the market.  According to the state agency that evaluates the results for workers’ compensation insurance, the “combined ratio” (expenses and claims to premium received) for workers’ compensation insurance in California for 2013 was 122 -- for every dollar of premium the insurance industry took in in, it paid out $1.22.  This is better than 2012 when the combined ratio was 141.


Greg Nelson

A Drought Operations Plan for California was released this week providing a two-scenario approach for how the state’s two water systems will operate through the drought, according to the Central Valley Business Times.  The plan was based on data and water conditions as of March 1; however, because the state experienced a wetter than expected March, it is possible that the plan may be revised to reflect increased water storage amounts which accumulated due to the storms. 

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