The California Dept. of Food and Agriculture has announced that an additional portion of Kern County has been placed under quarantine for the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) following the detection of one psyllid south of the City of Bakersfield in Kern County.  The new quarantine zone measures 113 square miles in and around the City of Bakersfield, bordered on the north by New Stine Road; on the east by S Fairfax Road; on the south by Millux Road; and on the west by Interstate 5.

Ken Gilliland

This year’s Western Growers Annual Meeting is proving very popular as sign-ups are coming in at a record pace and rooms at the Bellagio Hotel are going fast.  If you haven’t done so already, make your reservations today and also register for WG’s 89th Annual Meeting, November 2 – 5 in Las Vegas. Gary Pasquinelli and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno will light up the Awards Dinner on Tuesday night. You will also not want to miss seeing Michelle Malkin of Fox News fame at the PAC Lunch on Monday as she squares off against syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette on the issue of immigration reform.  As Congress remains deadlocked on solving the problem, the controversy continues and the tension simmers.

Randy Hause

Recently, a handful of law firms representing plaintiffs began targeting California-based large grower-shippers and farm labor contractors with class action lawsuits alleging failure to pay piece-rate employees for non-productive time (NPT) and break periods. These lawsuits generally allege that employers failed to pay agricultural employees for all hours worked; failed to pay in a timely manner; failed to pay all wages owed to employees who were terminated; and failed to provide an itemized wage statement or keep accurate pay records. In addition, these lawsuits often include causes of action for failure to authorize or permit mandated rest breaks or meal periods and other wage and hour claims.

Jason Resnick


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