Shippers that have sales of product destined for Ohio may be surprised to learn that they may be subject to the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT).

The CAT is an annual tax imposed on “the privilege of doing business in Ohio,” measured by taxable gross receipts for product that finds its way into the state.

Jeff Janas

The pea leafminer (Lirigomyza langei) is considered by Japan to be a quarantine pest. Within the last month, several vegetable shipments inspected at Japanese ports were found to contain the pea leafminer. While the shipments were permitted entry following fumigation, any continuation of pest finds could result in Japan taking stricter action on entry in the future.

Jeff Janas

Due to recent Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) violations on several export shipments to Taiwan, Western Growers reminds members that while the U.S. may have established tolerances on a particular pesticide/fungicide, other countries’ threshold limits may be lower or non-established. Such violations will not only place the individual shipper on enhanced surveillance, but in many cases will increase the surveillance of the entire industry when exporting to Taiwan.

Jeff Janas

A Price after Sale is not a consignment or nor is there an agency relationship. It is a buy-sale relationship with everything already agreed to accept the price.  Although no detailed account of sales is required, the buyer must pay the “fair market” value or a price mutual agree to between the parties.  The buyer cannot just arbitrarily remit what he or she thinks is appropriate, there must be evidence that the remittance is fair market value for the produce.


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