Many members of the House on both sides of the aisle have expressed the need to pass legislation fixing our broken immigration system. While the Senate took action by passing S. 744, the House has yet to pass a single bill to reform our immigration system. With 8 legislative days remaining until the House adjourns for its August recess, the urgency for action mounts as a key window for action closes.

Recap of immigration reform action by the U.S. House of Representatives for the day ending July 17, 2014:

Bills passed: 0


It has been ONE YEAR and 18 DAYS since the Senate passed S. 744 with no action by the full House.

As July 17, 2014, there are only 8 scheduled legislative days left to pass immigration reform before the House adjourns for its August recess.  

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Ken Barbic

A call for leadership and compromise to ease water woes for California farmers was made to members of Congress in a letter sent this week from 11 California agriculture groups. Emergency drought relief bills passed this year in the U.S. Senate (S. 2198, the Emergency Drought Relief Act) and the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 3964, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act) are currently being reconciled. Time, however, is running out for legislators to produce a final bill.  Ag producers and their communities are urgently in need of a change in the law. Congress is scheduled to recess for a five-week summer break on July 31, and they will have only a very short time in September before Congress recesses for the election.

Dennis Nuxoll

Following the lead of counterparts in Florida and Texas, a program outlining citrus psyllid treatment strategies has been developed for citrus growers in California’s Central Valley. According to The Grower, three meetings scheduled for next week will give producers the opportunity to learn more about combatting the dreaded Asian citrus psyllid and the deadly greening disease it carries.

Ken Gilliland

Hoping to win some loot while attending WG’s 89th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas?  Well, the Vegas Strip isn’t going to be the only place you can make that happen.  The men’s and women’s 2014 Golf Tournament with breakfast and lunch, sponsored by Rabobank and being held at the award-winning championship TPC Las Vegas golf course, will feature a high-roller, Las Vegas themed “Million Dollar Hole-in-One Opportunity” open to all tournament players. 


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