The battle against the Asian citrus psyllid has taken place primarily in California backyards – until recently. A rise in commercial citrus psyllid detections means that all industry members play an increasingly crucial role in preventing the spread of an insect that carries the devastating Huanglongbing disease. Farm labor contractors, crew bosses, harvesters and other field workers can take several precautions to ensure the psyllid doesn’t spread from one citrus grove to another.

Ken Gilliland

Starting on July 7, Mexico will again allow U.S. potato growers to export their product to locations within 26 kilometers of the border.  In seemingly schizophrenic fashion, Mexico, within the last two months, has both expanded trade opportunities for U.S. potato growers to ship to cities having a population of at least 100,000 people and has also entirely rescinded the importation of all U.S. potatoes.


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