Western Growers welcomes 35 new members.  New regular members include:  Capay Inc., Fresalva Berry Farms, and Ware Farms LLC.  Non-Fresh Regular members are Front Porch Farms, Materra Farming Co. LLC, and Nutrilite.  New Associate Members are:

Robert Steinmann

2013 is here and that means several Health Care Reform requirements are around the corner.  On January 17, Western Growers will be in Phoenix to review PPACA requirements that take effect this year including W-2 reporting, the notice to employees regarding the health care exchange, new summary of benefits and coverage, flexible spending account and annual limit caps, and more. This workshop is designed for small employers (50 employees or less).

Western Growers

On Tuesday, the House voted 257-167 to pass legislation already approved by the Senate that will avert the government from going over the so-called “fiscal cliff” by increasing taxes on those making more than $400,000 ($450,000 for couples) along with postponing sequestration cuts for two months.  The agreement also includes a one-year (through Sept. 2013) extension of the 2008 Farm Bill.  Not all programs from the 2008 bill survived however,

Dennis Nuxoll


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