Western Growers is pleased to announce the release of its 2013 Professional Compensation & HR Practices Survey Report for the fresh produce industry!  Confidential salary and benefits data was collected for 46 professional positions in the produce industry.  Per member requests, seven new jobs were added for this year’s survey, and the Compensation and HR Practices surveys were separated to allow participation in one or both.

Karen Timmins

With the House ramping up its focus on immigration reform, Tom Nassif returned to Washington, DC for meetings with Agriculture Workforce Coalition (AWC) partners and members of Congress. This month, ag is making a full-court press to get legislation passed in the House and advanced to conference process with the Senate where differences can be reconciled and legislation can be enacted to fix our broken immigration system and secure a legal, stable workforce for the fresh produce industry.

Ken Barbic

Frozen loads (partial or full) can potentially be one of the most perplexing issues to resolve at time of arrival. Claims are never fun, but it is critical that as the seller, regardless of contract terms,  you must fully engage and document all the facts about the extent of the freezing, have a clear action plan, communicate your desired outcome and always, always make certain that the produce is properly disposed of in order to mitigate damages to all parties.


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