According to a published news report in the LA Times, Market Basket’s store shelves and produce bins remain bare as a controversial months-long dispute continues between management and employees. Western Growers Trade Practices Department has interacted with concerned shippers about the timing of past due accounts payable receipts as well as how to handle loads purchased and delivered to Market Basket or loads that were diverted because there were no Market Basket employees to unload the produce.

Tom Oliveri

Last night, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1471 into law, a $7.5 billion water bond bill that includes $2.7 billion for storage infrastructure. The measure, which replaces the $11.1 billion water bond passed by the Legislature in 2009, will appear as Proposition 1 this November.  Earlier in the evening, both the California Assembly and Senate approved the bill in impressive fashion with votes of 77-2 and 37-0 respectively.

President and CEO of Western Growers Tom Nassif issued a statement applauding passage of the legislation:

Dave Puglia

Western Growers applauds passage of legislation today by the California Assembly and Senate establishing a $7.5 billion water bond that includes $2.7 billion for storage. We are especially pleased that the storage portion of this legislation is a continuous appropriation preventing the legislature from withholding funding. Passage of this legislation is an essential first step in adding capacity to our state’s existing storage infrastructure.  

Jeff Janas

On June 26, 2014, Western Growers postponed a webinar scheduled on June 30, 2014, due to logistical difficulties. This webinar was meant to discuss several proposed changes that could affect the current language and practices in the leafy green guidance documents utilized by the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreements (LGMA) in Arizona and California. We are happy to announce that we are now ready to host it on August 20, 2014, at 3:00 p.m. PDT.


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