“I have a number of loads to ship in the coming week(s) with confirmed prices and P.O. numbers exchanged, however, due to the weather conditions I do not have product available to fulfill my commitment with the buyer. The buyer is threatening to buy against my account if I don’t supply him with the product which has already been confirmed. What should I do now?”

Bryan Nickerson

Monday marked the start of an ongoing trial concerning the controversial weed killer Roundup — a trade name for glyphosate. A jury in a federal court in San Francisco will soon decide whether or not Roundup is responsible for a California man's cancer.

Glyphosate, a common herbicide, is a valuable part of the integrated pest management system and is used within a broad array of agricultural and urban settings. Farmers – as well as governments, gardeners and other users – depend on glyphosate as an efficient and cost-effective tool that can be used safely to control weeds.

Hank Giclas


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