As COVID-19 continues to impact the country, Western Growers and our members have come together, both as an association and as an industry, to provide an essential service to the nation: access to healthy and nutritious food.

Our dedication to the success of our members and farmers across the West has never been stronger. The hard work and expertise of our staff, both now during the current crisis and during more normal times, unequivocally moves the needle for agriculture and the specialty crop industry.

Stephanie Metzinger

Western Growers recently hosted a 5-part webinar series on topics surrounding Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), which occurred once a month from January to May of 2020. The series started by exploring the basics of WGS and how this tool applies to food safety management. In later months, the topics evolved into sequencing protocols, case studies, regulatory applications and novel applications of the next generation of whole-genome sequencing such as metagenomics.

Sonia Salas

The digital version of the latest edition of Western Grower & Shipper magazine is now available. This edition highlights a few of the warriors in agriculture, the men and women who are changing the face of the industry. Click here to access the electronic version of the magazine.

Some features from this issue include the following:

 The Warriors: Men & Women Who Are Changing the Face of Agriculture

Chardae Heim


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