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A very frequent question I am asked is about what to do when a load arrives at contract destination and the buyer deducts from your invoice alleging that the cartons ordered, shipped and acknowledged with a signed bill of lading at shipping point were not all accounted for at time of unloading at contract destination.  Who is responsible and how do you handle with your buyer?

As reported in The Packer and other industry outlets, Ocean Mist Farms announced that Joe Pezzini will succeed Ed Boutonnet as president and CEO of the Castroville-based grower-shipper. The leadership transition will take place over the next year. Pezzini joined Ocean Mist in 1983, was promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2001, and became the company’s Chief Operating Officer in 2009.

Jeff Janas

Yesterday, U.S. trade negotiators announced that an agreement had been reached with 11 Pacific Rim nations on the Tran Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal expected to increase market opportunities for agricultural products, including specialty crops. Western Growers’ president and CEO Tom Nassif, issued a statement to the media congratulating negotiators for reaching the deal.

Nassif’s statement read as follows:

Jeff Janas


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