A.G. was Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture from 2003-2010. He is a third generation fruit and vegetable grower and shipper from Orange County. A.G. is co-chair for the Solutions From the Land Dialogue, a project that is developing a sustainable roadmap for 21st century ag systems. He serves on the Ag Advisory Committee for the AGree Initiative, a national and global effort to address food and ag policy for the future. He is a newly appointed member of the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources (BANR), a policy arm of the National Academy of Sciences’ Natural Resource Council. A.G. is a board member of the American Farmland Trust and a national steering committee member of 25x’25, a national alliance of renewable energy stakeholders. As a progressive urban farmer, A.G. has a lifetime of experience working within the shrinking rural and urban boundaries of Southern California. He is a past chairman of Western Growers and past president of the Orange County Farm Bureau. He has stayed actively involved in policy areas of agriculture, education, hunger and nutrition, and serves as a member of the California State University Foundation’s Board of Governors and Board member of both the Ag Leadership Foundation and the Delta Vision Foundation. Through his company, Orange County Produce, LLC, he is engaged in building an exciting interactive ag showcase at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, California. A.G. was elected to the board in 1994, and served as chairman in 2002.



Orange County Produce, LLC

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