Energy along the 101 corridor in the Salinas Valley is a pain point for anyone involved with produce. With questionable power quality and potentially 10 years of PG&E power shut offs ahead of us, unreliable energy poses a major disruption to businesses. Fortunately, the energy industry as a whole is going through a transformation, with significant benefits to the ag industry.

WGCIT resident Concentric Power has assembled an expert panel of energy developers, government agencies and solution providers to offer insight on energy geared toward sparing businesses from the next outage and saving them money while meeting corporate sustainability goals. Panel members include:

- Brian Curtis, founder and CEO, Concentric Power

-Gregg Morasca, Vice President of Strategic Customers, Schneider Electric

- Rick Sturtevant, California State Energy Coordinator, U.S. Department of Agriculture

- Norm Groot, Executive Director, Monterey County Farm Bureau

- Rene Mendez, City Manager, City of Gonzales

Event Time: 

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 8:30am to 11:00am

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