Date: Jun 09, 2010

Western Growers Foundation re-launches the educational, easy to navigate, entertaining, aimed at helping people embrace a healthy diet

IRVINE (June 9, 2010) - “We’re not out here growing vegetables just to grow them; we grow them with a passion. We know that we’re going to eat them; we know our children are going to eat them.” This and other heart-felt comments made by fruit, vegetable and tree-nut family farmers are available on-line as part of Western Growers Foundation’s (WGF) re-launch of

California and Arizona farmers grow nearly half the produce found in grocery stores across America. Producepedia introduces visitors to these farmers through beautiful, hi-definition videos and offers clips that, among other things, shows visitors how celery is grown, how baby carrots are made and how to juice lemons and grill peaches.

Originally launched in 2008, Producepedia is recognized as a leading source for produce nutrition education – ever wonder how to properly store an avocado or how many calories are in a serving of pistachios? It’s all available on The web site is also home to unique information about some of the world’s most beloved foods. After all, who would have thought that before she was starring in Some Like it Hot, Marilyn Monroe was crowned the first official artichoke queen?

“It has long been our desire to not only put a face to the men and women who supply our dinner tables with the best medicine in the world, but Producepedia is even more than that,” said Western Growers Vice President of Marketing Paula Olson. “I hope consumers can begin to know these farmers as I do. Most are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation farmers who deeply care for their crops and their land. The food they grow feeds their communities, their families and their nation. It is a responsibility they take very seriously.”

“What sets Producepedia apart is that we are not trying to sell anything except good nutrition,” said WGF Administrator Briana Lewis. “We hope that each visitor sees how easy and enjoyable eating healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables can be.”

Producepedia now features a sleek new look; highlighted by spectacular views from some of Arizona and California’s most plentiful rural communities; a robust video library, profiles of more than 25 family farmers and, of course, informational, easy to read pages on more than 60 different commodities.

“This re-launch is really like a new harvest for us,” said Olson. “We have worked hard to ensure consumers across the country have a resource that’s user friendly, informative and a lot of fun to visit. We’ve also created some materials in Spanish and are targeted to post more soon.”

Western Growers is an agricultural trade association whose members from Arizona and California grow, pack and ship ninety percent of the fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in California and seventy five percent of those commodities in Arizona.

About Western Growers Foundation: Western Growers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports innovative nutrition education projects and programs to create healthy individuals and communities. These projects include online consumer education through, school-age outreach with the School Garden Program, and increasing access to fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Visit Western Growers Foundation at for more information.

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