Whether you own and operate a company in California or you just do business here, you need to be aware of new employment laws taking effect as soon as a few weeks from now. To bring you up to speed on key California legislative and case law developments that will help your business prepare for 2015, Western Growers is sponsoring a free webinar for members. 

Jason Resnick

The California Labor Commissioner has issued a new poster template for employers pursuant to the Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act of 2014 (“AB 1522” or the “Paid Sick Leave” law), which all California employers are required to prominently display in the workplace.  Employers that have more generous sick leave polices than required under AB 1522 and employers that provide a “lump sum grant” of leave rather than using the accrual method may consider fashioning their own poster, which is permitted so long as the employer’s poster contains the information specified in new law.

Jason Resnick



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