On August 1, the California Legislature will return from summer recess, and legislators will once again vote on legislation that would repeal the 10-hour/day and 60-hour/week overtime threshold for field workers. Despite being rejected by the Assembly in early June, the measure has been inserted into an unrelated bill that will be considered by state legislators during their final month of work in August. 

Calling the legislation ambiguous and unconstitutional, the Nisei Farmers League (NFL) filed an application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction with the Superior Court of California in Fresno against AB 1513. The state law that requires piece-rate workers to be paid for “other non-productive time” and rest and recovery periods separate and apart from piece-rate earnings.

Jeff Janas

Yesterday, the Senate Labor Committee passed AB 1066, a bill that would decrease the existing overtime threshold levels for California farmworkers. Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez resurrected the UFW-sponsored bill that was killed in the Assembly (formerly AB 2757) on June 3 of this year. The bill now advances to the Senate Appropriations Committee. A hearing has been scheduled for August 1 when the legislature reconvenes following the summer recess period which begins tomorrow.



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