Julie Su, former California Labor Commissioner (2011 – 2018) and Secretary for the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA), has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate (50-47) as Deputy Secretary of Labor. Known as a recognized expert on workers’ rights and civil rights, employers nationwide can expect Su to continue enforcement efforts on behalf of vulnerable workers. Supported by union and worker advocacy groups Su will join former union leader and Boston mayor Marty Walsh in the number 2 top position at the labor department. 

Teresa McQueen

The Colorado Supreme Court recently (June 14, 2021) issued a landmark ruling that an employer must pay an employee’s earned but unused vacation pay upon separation from employment. The ruling goes even further to provide that any agreement or policy forfeiting unused vacation pay is void as a matter of law. Like many states Colorado law does not mandate that an employer provide vacation pay. However, like many other states, Colorado law is now clear that once an employer chooses to offer vacation pay benefits, they cannot be forfeited once earned.

The Arizona Legislature passed, and Governor Ducey signed, the Fiscal Year 2022 budget earlier this week. Under Arizona’s budget, nearly $1 billion in debt is paid off and another $1 billion is appropriated to help reduce the state’s pension liabilities.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture received increased funding for Plant Services Division salary increases, State Agriculture Laboratory Scientist position and equipment, salary increases for 12 Agriculture Lab Positions, funding for cloud services migration, and more.

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