(Editor’s Note:  Michael Bennet was appointed to fill the Senate seat of Ken Salazar in 2009 when Salazar become Secretary of the Interior.  He was elected to the seat during the 2010 elections.  This interview was conducted via e-mail.)

Where did you grow up?  And what is your educational and family background?

My mother and her parents came to America in 1950.  My father’s family has been in this country for generations.  And I moved West.

I attended Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) and then graduated from Yale Law School (New Haven, Conn).  My wife, Susan, who is from Arkansas, and I moved to Colorado to raise our three daughters.  We love Colorado’s natural beauty, entrepreneurial energy, and western spirit.  One of my favorite places to spend time is on the Eastern Plains.  We’ve been able to do a lot of that lately to discuss the Farm Bill as it moved through the Agriculture Committee, on which I serve, and through Congress.

Dennis Nuxoll

A week after Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democratic legislative leaders announced legislation for drought-related needs, both houses of the California state Legislature passed a $687 million drought relief package (AB 79 and SB 103) today.  If Brown signs the bills, as expected, they would take effect immediately.  WG staff worked with the key legislative staff on the fast-moving bills as the language evolved. In other news from Sacramento today, Governor Brown announced his re-election campaign.

Dave Puglia



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