The government funding bill currently before Congress has revived a long-running debate over how many hours truck drivers can spend on the road.  Lawmakers included language in the $1.1 trillion omnibus funding bill that blocks U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations implemented in 2013 designed to relax driver scheduling regulations and prevent driver fatigue.

Ken Gilliland

During their first annual carrier recognition event in Watsonville, California, Driscoll’s announced that C.H. Robinson was named, “2014 Carrier of the Year.”  During the event, Driscoll’s supply chain executives presented awards to a select group of carriers based on their ability to consistently exceed Driscoll’s expectations as well as demonstrate understanding of Driscoll’s vision, mission, and values through their daily work.  C.H. Robinson was applauded for consistent execution and alignment to a strategic vision.

Matt McInerney



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