Date: Jan 01, 2013
January 2013 - New Seed Variety Issue

Hybrid Onion Centerstone

Featuring a high percentage of single centers, Centerstone is a long day, early- to mid-season, yellow Spanish-type cross and produces excellent bulb size for high yields.  It’s slow bolting and best for fresh and export markets and stores well under favorable conditions.

Hybrid Onion Ruby Ring

This red onion is dark red both internally and externally.  Ruby Ring is a mid-season variety with hard, firm bulbs and durable skin making it ideal for the storage market.  It features a high percentage of single centers and a strong growing habit.

Hybrid Pepper Green Festa

Green Festa has medium maturity and a high yield potential with its continuous fruit setting. Peppers weigh approximately 1.5 ounces (40 to 45 grams), mature from green to red, have thick walls and high pungency.  High resistance to Bacterial spot race 1, 2 & 3.

Hybrid Chinese Cabbage Spring Crisp

This Napa type cabbage is very early maturing, just 63 days after sowing.  Spring Crisp also is slow to bolt so it holds well in the field.  Best suited for harvesting spring to summer.  Intermediate resistance to Clubroot.

Hybrid Melon Valley DeW

Valley Dew is a main season, green flesh Honeydew melon with great uniformity. Round, slightly oval with a small seed cavity and firm, sweet, green flesh, Valley Dew is resistant to Fusarium race 0 & 2.  Its strong vine protects the fruit from sunburn and extends fruit set.

Hybrid Broccoli Paraiso

Good for bunching, crown cut and florets.  Matures 75 days after transplanting (95 – 98 days after direct sowing).  Plant has a good upright habit, consistently produces heads with good dome and fine, dark green beads.  Outstanding performance in high density cultivation, best performance when planted in coastal California for spring to summer harvesting.  Excellent post-harvest shelf-life.

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