Date: Jan 01, 2013
January 2013 - New Seed Variety Issue


Dulce Reina

Dulce Reina (SON450Y) is a mid-to-late season yellow, long-day Spanish onion that is consistently sweet.  In fact, it has been used as a sweet onion in this class.  Dulce Reina is very grower friendly and adaptable, has good skin retention with a copper skin color, and a strong plant growth with good yield potential.  The sizes range from colossal to jumbo.  This variety offers good pink root tolerance

Bell Pepper


Classic is a green-to-red, high-yielding bell that has outstanding fruit quality, with thick walls and a uniform blocky shape. Classic is widely adapted and offers good heat-set ability. It approaches greenhouse quality in the open field.

Disease Resistance: HR: TMV: 0 and Xcv: 0-3, 7, 8


Grand Vantage

This is an exciting fresh-market variety with attractive green to blue-green color. Grand Vantage has a very round head, heavy weight, dense solid interior and short core. It has excellent tight wrapper leaves and a strong frame. Grand Vantage is a very adaptable main season variety. It has good holding ability and excellent yield potential. This variety is resistant to Fusarium yellows race 1.

Disease Resistance:  HR: Foc: 1



An exciting addition to Sakata’s vast broccoli product line. Centennial (SBC7539) has small beads, smooth heads and minimal side shoots. This multi-use variety performs well in all Marathon slots and can be grown year-round in the cool coastal growing regions.  Limited quantities are scheduled to be available.


Alaniz Gold

Alaniz Gold (SME2778) is a Western shipper with main season maturity.  This variety has excellent brix and firmness, good interior color and maintains size uniformity with a high percentage of 9’s.  It also has very strong vines with good mildew and Fusarium resistance.  Alaniz Gold performs well in California Central Valley.

Disease Resistance: R: Fom: 0-2 / Sf: 1  IR: Sf: 2

Swiss Chard


Peppermint (BEF231)  is in class by itself. Its white petioles with pink stripes from bottom to top create a visual pop that will catch any eye. It has glossy, dark green, savoy leaves. Peppermint is a bolt tolerant Swiss chard variety. It is a perfect variety for fresh markets, home gardens, and specialty markets.

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