Date: Jan 01, 2013
January 2013 - New Seed Variety Issue



•   Uniform, dark green, glossy fruit, medium to long in length

•   Slender-type fruit

•   Nearly spineless plant

•   High yield potential in early harvests

•   Open, upright, nearly spineless plant for improved fruit quality during harvest

•   Good for mid- to late-season plantings as CMV pressure increases

•   Outstanding disease resistance



•   Improved disease resistance with intermediate resistance to Fusarium wilt race 1 and anthracnose race 1

•   Larger size seedless; mostly 45-count and 36-count

•   Uniform fruit size and blocky fruit shape

•   Good fruit set and yield potential

•   Rich, deep skin color

•   Attractive red firm flesh with very small pips and great watermelon flavor

•   Maturity is usually two to three days earlier than Tri-X 313

•   Has potential for use in fresh cut industry


Quali T 47

•   Predominantly extra-large fruit

•   High yields of smooth, nice color, firm fruit

•   Proven performer throughout the main growing season

•   Superior yield and quality compared to other commercial TSWV varieties



•   Large-framed iceberg lettuce

•   Excellent head protection

•   Intermediate resistance to big vein

•   Ideal for cartons and processing



•   A green-to-red, blocky bell pepper that produces high yields of firm, large to extra-large fruit that’s ideal for the middle-season fresh market

•   Good leaf canopy with a sturdy plant for increased sunburn protection

•   Mid-season maturity, with a vigorous plant

•  Ideal for warmer and drier summer harvest locations

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