Date: May 01, 2013
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Health care reform explained at WG seminars

Western Growers Assurance Trust hosted a successful round of executive forums on Health Care Reform throughout California and Arizona in March and April to educate members about the 2014 Affordable Care Act mandates and to provide solutions for agricultural businesses.

Western Growers directors kicked off events in their districts while WG’s Compliance Counsel Jonathan Alexander helped guide owners and key decision makers in preparing for the 2014 ACA provisions.  Senior Vice President David Zanze, Assistant Vice President of Underwriting Larry La Briola and Western Growers Insurance Services Vice President Craig Ohlsen demonstrated how members can analyze their existing workforce to anticipate costs for next year using the Western Growers proprietary cost calculator.

Those in attendance walked away with health care options to consider for 2014.  WG Insurance Services staff are following up one-on-one with those interested in utilizing the calculator to strategize specific solutions and costs for the coming year.

With 2014 around the corner, now is the time for CEOs, CFOs, principals, HR leaders and anyone involved in making health benefit decisions for your business to understand how the ACA will affect their business.  Members who were unable to attend a forum may contact their local Western Growers Assurance Trust representative to schedule a private consultation to discuss their specific business requirements, or contact Western Growers Insurance Services at (800) 333-4WGA or

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