Date: May 01, 2014
May 2014 Irrigation Advances

During this time of drought in the Southwest, growers are looking for any angle to help them conserve and use their water as efficiently as possible, and according to Nick Rogers, president of Weather Tec in Fresno, his company has a product that can be incredibly useful.

“For many years,” Rogers said, “we have manufactured and sold a ‘High Uniformity Nozzle’ that greatly helps growers.  It helps minimize dry spots, provides higher yields and gives the grower better coverage.”

Another area Rogers said the High Uniformity Nozzle can be of assistance to growers is that it can be used with an existing sprinkler system, even if it is not one that is a Weather Tec sprinkler.  “A grower can use the High Uniformity Nozzle with any existing sprinkler, and it can be retrofitted without changing out the brass or plastic, thus saving the grower money.  It’s a lot cheaper to replace the nozzle to help uniformity.”

Rogers said a Weather Tec designer developed the nozzle, and that Weather Tec bought the rights to it, and this High Uniformity Nozzle has become an integral piece of equipment for growers in California and Arizona.

Weather Tec was founded back in the early 1970s.  During that decade, Rogers’ father, Bill, was a large grower in Bakersfield, Lost Hills, and Cantua Creek.  “At that time, he farmed more than 22,000 acres,” Rogers said.  “Major crops included cotton, melons, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots.”

Rogers added that while his dad was farming at his Lost Hills facility and using a different sprinkler, a development happened that changed his life.  “Someone came out from Weather Tec, and my father started using their sprinklers.  Eventually it turned out that Weather Tec’s sprinklers gave out a better pattern, a better yield and the quality of product was far superior to what it had been in the past.”

So just like Remington Product’s Victor Kiam (who famously said on television commercials, “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company”), Bill Rogers liked the sprinklers so much he bought Weather Tec in the late 1970s.

Nick Rogers said that the company’s success has been due to the loyalty and the belief of its grower customers in Weather Tec’s products and the ag dealers who supply them.

He said that their support through the years has been instrumental to Weather Tec’s success, because unlike many other irrigation companies, the company’s products are designed only for the agricultural industry.  “Agriculture is what we do,” Rogers said.  “Agriculture is our business, so our grower support is much more critical for us to maintain our success.  We don’t have turf business, so we concentrate on what can help our growers succeed.”

Rogers stated that although many acres in California and Arizona are still furrow irrigated, the switch to sprinkler irrigation is gaining more popularity all the time.  “Furrow irrigation is the least efficient form of irrigation,” he said.  “There is a lot of waste of water through evaporation.  Sprinklers are a much more efficient way to go.  Sprinkler irrigation can be just as effective and efficient as drip irrigation and cost effective when converting from furrow irrigation to sprinkler irrigation.”

Having been in business for so long requires diligence, and that, according to Rogers is what Weather Tec is all about.  “Weather Tec’s quality process demands that each sprinkler be individually water tested to ensure that each sprinkler is consistent in its performance for our customers.  Consistency and rotation speed in a sprinkler is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we inspect each sprinkler before it leaves.  Weather Tec is driven to provide the highest quality, durable and efficient sprinkler irrigation products that our growers and ag dealers have come to expect.”

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