Date: Sep 23, 2021
September/October 2021

The Western Growers Family of Companies is built on the strength of 445 dedicated employees providing expert advocacy and services across multiple business lines. To honor its employees who demonstrate “above and beyond” service, Western Growers recently launched an Employees’ Choice Award Program where employees select and honor fellow team members for their exemplary work and remarkable outward mindset. Meet the latest Employees’ Choice recipients, Andrew Pham and Mary Wahidy.


Andrew Pham, Staff Accountant, Western Growers

As one of Western Growers’ go-to accountants, Andrew has overseen the accounting books for the association and its service corporation since June 2015. Over the years, Andrew has become a trusted friend and co-worker to countless team members throughout the WG family of companies. His life mantra—“my challenges will bring a better me”—echoes in the exceptional work he produces, which has been key to ensuring smooth financial operations at Western Growers.

One of his favorite WG memories? The potlucks (pre-COVID, of course)!

Learn more about Andrew’s FAVORITES:

  • Favorite Escapade: “I usually go deep sea fishing in Mexico in the summer.”
  • Favorite Activity: Snowboarding (and shredding down the mountain!)
  • Favorite EVERYTHING: “My biggest accomplishment is to be able to marry my beautiful wife and have two beautiful kids.”


Mary Wahidy, Account Manager, Western Growers Insurance Services

A six-year Western Growers’ veteran, Mary is responsible for working with small business clients to enhance their understanding of their benefits while providing creative employee benefits insurance solutions.

She’s built a reputation as a go-getter who consistently beats her retention goals and takes on added responsibility with a smile. Mary mirrors her enthusiasm for challenging herself at work in her personal life as well. When she arrived in the United States, she pursued her college degree while balancing two children and a full-time teaching job…and then graduated with honors. The ultimate go-getter!

Mary shares some of her most cherished WG memories:

  • Favorite WG memory: “At the very beginning of my career at Western Growers Assurance Trust, I was talking to a client over the phone and my supervisor in the next cubical overheard and messaged me: ‘We need more employees like you. This is how we should handle our client’s needs.’”
  • Biggest WG Accomplishment: With the support of her supervisors and teammates who have thoroughly expressed confidence in Mary’s work performance, Mary continues to soar in her career at Western Growers. Her hard work has led her to three promotions within the 1½ years working in the WG Assurance Trust Customer Service Department and another promotion within the first eight months of her start at Western Growers Insurance Services.
  • WG Blessings: “I’m thankful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me from my family to my life to my career. If I were to choose one thing that I’m most grateful for within WG, it would be the people that I work with.”

While not at WG, Mary enjoys cooking, traveling and hiking.

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Stephanie Metzinger
Senior Manager, Communications

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