Date: Jan 26, 2021
January/February 2021

A seventh-generation California farmer, Philip Adam (Chief Operating Officer, Innovative Produce) has worked with his family for the past nine years in Santa Maria, excelling in every aspect of the business from moving sprinkler pipe to research and development. Prior to joining Innovative Produce, he was a financial analyst for Corporate Finance Associates. Philip has held a California FLC (farm labor contractor) license since 2017, serves as president of PCH harvesting and is the agriculture representative to the Northern Santa Barbara County Econ Alliance. He earned his B.A. in economics and policy studies from Rice University in Houston, TX.


  • Philip is a track and field champion, earning numerous accolades and All-American honors.
  • Philip and his wife, Katie, welcomed their first child—baby boy Micah—in July 2019.
  • Philip is one of nine individuals selected to be in Class 6 of the Future Volunteer Leaders, a program that guides the next generation of leaders within Western Growers member companies interested in becoming more informed and effective advocates for the fresh produce industry.

Journey with Philip in the images below as he shares a little bit more about his life…

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