July 2014: The Doctor Tells All-Link Between Cancer & Nutrition

In the chaos of everyday life, between work and family time, it’s hard to find any down time, let alone time or energy to volunteer.  Yet there are teachers, parents and community members who carve out their precious time to contribute.

Paula Olson

I get lots of interesting employment and labor law questions from Western Growers members.  Perhaps the most typical question I receive is one that almost invariably goes like this: “We have this ’problem employee’, is it okay if we terminate him today?”

Jason Resnick

Twenty five years ago, John Belushi started an epic cafeteria battle in the movie Animal House by yelling the words: “Food fight!”  Here in Washington, D.C., members of Congress seem to be echoing that battle cry over school meals.

Dennis Nuxoll

Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century Jean Pierre LaBrucherie immigrated to the United States and landed in Los Angeles, where he practiced his craft as a butcher.  He settled into a community of French immigrants and it was not too much later (around 1912), that there was a movement by his fellow countrymen to move down to the Imperial Valley and set up shop in that desert community.

Tim Linden

One of the most important topics of the decade and the most controversial will be deliberated and examined at the Western Growers’ Political Action Committee’s lunch on November 3 in Las Vegas.  Two of the nation’s most knowledgeable and well-known media figures, Michelle Malkin and Ruben Navarrette, will go head-to-head so expect a few fireworks and a lot of fun.

Wendy Fink-Weber

Now is the time for our representatives in Washington to be statesmen and leaders.  If that’s asking too much, shouldn’t we at least expect them to do their jobs, the major part of which in a two-party political system is to “bring about discussion and bargain with others” or to negotiate legislation.

Tom Nassif

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