July/August 2019

We are all about to enter the next generation of wireless connectivity known as fifth generation or 5G, which will replace the current high speed standard of 4G. 5G is not widely available yet and most carriers are only offering the service in a few select cities.

Matt Lewis

From an insurance perspective, a fire is a fire. However, not all food contamination and recall events are the same. Recall-related situations can be as simple as first-party business losses where only the insured is affected, or as complicated as holding the supply chain responsible for third-party losses due to product refusal in the marketplace.

Jeff Gullickson

By Mark Petersen, Vice President of Transportation, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

While not always predictable, external factors can have a significant impact on supply chains. It is more important than ever for businesses to know exactly where items are in the supply chain at all times. The ability to watch and monitor a supply chain, often referred to as supply chain visibility, is the best way to adapt to external events and optimize your supply chain for whatever the market brings next.

What is supply chain visibility?

By Marlene Hanken

What’s your favorite story? At Western Growers, we are interested in the most compelling story of all—the story of your success. But how do we gauge success? What do those metrics looks like and how do we calculate them?

For decades, Yamaha Motor Company has been involved in innovative research, searching for technology to improve their core products as well as to find solutions for vexing problems. That effort led to the development of the Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company and an entity devoted to providing entrepreneurs with a strong partner to help scale their businesses

Tim Linden

I have 1,000 workers and have no way to tell them that it’s raining and work is canceled, and if they show up I have to pay them for their time.”

“I don’t have an easy way to call back my seasonal workers to be sure they return this year, other than having my foremen spend hours and hours of paid time calling people.”

“My company has high turnover and I don’t know why people are leaving.”

Franz De Klotz

Richard Bagdasarian Inc.

Mecca, CA

Director Since 2019 | Member Since 2003

Unlike so many others in this industry, Franz De Klotz was not born into agriculture. His father was a physician and his mother a nurse. However, he did grow up in Fresno, CA, and always had an affinity for agriculture.

“I grew up in the Fig Garden development in Fresno where many of the houses were on one-acre plots,” he said, noting the family always had a vegetable garden and fruit trees in their backyard.

Tim Linden

Western Growers Chairman of the Board Ron Ratto, who also headed up the selection committee for the 2019 Award of Honor recipient, said selecting WG President/CEO Tom Nassif was as close to a no-brainer as there is.

“How could we not acknowledge his service to Western Growers,” he said.  “We know we are going to be celebrating his career at Western Growers at the Annual Meeting (which is where the Award of Honor is presented each year), it was a natural selection to name Tom.”

Tim Linden

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