June 2010- Immigration Reform

High school chemistry students learn that every action has a reaction. In a perfect world, the over-the-top immigration law passed by the Arizona State Legislature and signed into law by the governor this spring would result in a comprehensive federal immigration reform.

In fact, many Arizona and national politicos used that rationale in supporting this bill either with their votes or their rhetoric. Even Arizona Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who has long been associated with immigration reform and co-sponsored an immigration bill (with the late Sen. Edward Kennedy) in the past decade, has come off that position and did not harshly judge the action of his fellow Arizonans. He, in fact, sympathized with their plight stating : “We have to secure the border first. We have not done that. We cannot enact legislation with a promise that has not been kept since Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to a couple of million illegal immigrants and promised to secure the border.”

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