May 2010- Healthcare Reform Is Here

After expending more lives than any cat, health care reform was finally passed in March on a strictly partisan vote and signed into law by President Barack Obama.

One would suspect that opponents, proponents and political pundits will be arguing well past this election cycle and throughout his term as to the merits and demerits of this effort. One Republican representative likened it to Armageddon (the end of time) while some Democratic counterparts were equally effusive on the other end of the spectrum, calling it the greatest piece of social legislation in more than 40 years. Some opponents called for repeal ignoring the political fact that the President would have to sign such legislation. Others filed suit in court claiming that there is no way the government can force people to buy insurance. Constitutional scholars begged to differ stating that the government already forces people to buy auto insurance and that lack of freedom has been upheld by the courts.

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