May 2014 Irrigation Advances

Almost every time the Western Growers’ Board of Directors meets, it has to read and hear lengthy reports on a growing list of anti-business legislation and regulations proposed or in force in California.  The directors from Arizona cast glances at one another and smile.  You can almost hear them thinking, “Thank God we live in Arizona.”

Tom Nassif

More than 80 years ago, H.W. “Cy” Mann, who was raised in Southern California, the son of a car dealer/politician, graduated from Stanford University and headed south to Salinas looking for work.  It was the height of the Great Depression and there were not a lot of jobs to be found.  However, production agriculture did offer promise and Cy Mann saw an opportunity to become a grower-shipper.

Tim Linden

Frustrated by his failure to get his employment law agenda through Congress, President Obama earlier this year promised to bypass Congress and act unilaterally to get things done.  “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” he famously said.

Jason Resnick

We use farm labor contractors (FLCs) to perform all sorts of services on our farm.  I’m concerned about the large employer mandate and whether or not the employees that work for the FLC could somehow subject me to a tax penalty under Obamacare.  Am I concerned for no reason?

Jonathan Alexander

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