May 2015: WG Announces Major Investment in Future

Western Growers and Silicon Valley Global Partners (SVG Partners) have entered into an exclusive strategic alliance agreement to find, accelerate, advance and invest in innovative solutions intended to solve critical challenges to production agriculture through technology and produce more with less water, labor and inputs.

Tim Linden

This month’s WG&S deals with the topic of water.  It is a topic on the forefront of everyone’s mind as California is in its fourth consecutive year of drought and the water shortages faced by the state gin up arguments about who is at fault and what constituency will have to “give” (water) in order to weather this lack of storms.

Rousseau Farming Company’s Food Safety Officer Kami Weddle is teaching Arizona’s children how their food is grown, why we should eat lots of fruits and veggies and the importance of the specialty crop industry to Arizona.

Paula Olson

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