WG&S August 2013 - Telling Your Story

Fifty Arizona K-12 schools have been granted $1,500 each to create and sustain their own edible gardens.  The grants have been provided through the Arizona Department of Agriculture as part of the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.   Pending completion of paperwork, the schools will receive their funds in August 2013.

Paula Olson

Sesquicentennial.  The word doesn’t flow off the tongue, probably because very few firms in the entire world in any industry have ever reached their 150th anniversary.  Yet on June 29, Bayer, the pharmaceutical and crop protection tool giant celebrated that impressive anniversary with many employees and guests at a packed soccer stadium in its home city in Western Germany.

Tim Linden

Dear Jon:

I heard recently that Obamacare has been canceled and that employers no longer need to worry about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Is this true?

— Confounded in Coalinga

Jonathan Alexander

After 11 years of a thriving career as executive chef with Star Noodle, Chef Sheldon Simeon is moving on to bigger and better things.  But don’t worry; future plans are brewing in the background.  What’s next for the Top Chef?  Simeon will be showing off his culinary skills during Workshop I at Western Growers’ 88th Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, in November.

Heather Beamer

The stories start like this…

“This land is a part of our family…”

“My kids are the fifth generation of farmers and we hope
there will be a sixth and seventh...”

“I feel honored every day to come and work next to
my Dad…”

Paula Olson

Don Johnston, a longtime leader for Western Growers and the California potato industry, passed away on Tuesday, July 16, after several difficult years, including the death of his wife, Gail Johnston, last fall.

Tim Linden

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